Workflow Consulting Limited was started in 1998 by James Horsley and Beverley Horsley when we recognised that many organisations were not getting the true benefit of significant financial investment in IT. It has become a bit hackneyed to profess to offer “solutions” but too often IT investment is driven by aggressive marketing of technology rather than appropriate solutions for a business’s true needs.

Shortly after creation we won a three year contract with Thompsons Solicitors to provide workflow development services and other IT support and we are proud to say they are still a loyal client.

Workflow Consulting developed and distributed software for the British Coal Respiratory Disease Litigation (BCRDL) scheme. This scheme was setup to compensate coal miners for losses they incurred due to exposure to dust without suitable protection in the British coal mining industry. It went on to deliver around £9.6 billion in compensation. Workflow Consulting was jointly instructed by the by the “Claimants’ Solicitors Group” (representing the claimants in the litigation and scheme) and the then Department of Trade and Industry (the defendants) to produce software to assess the proportion of quantum that could be attributed to the dusty work in the coal mines (the “BCRDL Dust Exposure Calculator”) and to calculate the amount of pension loss attributable to the scheme (the “BCRDL Pension Loss Calculator”).

Workflow Consulting have created a number of specialist integrations – often from customs systems with no in-built integration capability to and from account systems.

Currently we are mainly involved in customisations, enhancements and integrations to/from Microsoft Dynamics 365 systems, Microsoft Dynamics GP systems, Thomson Reuters MatterSphere case management systems and Aderant Expert practice management systems.